Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Camp 2014 (13 - 17 year olds)

Week of July 7th 

Monday July 7th  
9:00-9:30 Meet, Review Schedule
9:30-1:00 Spray Paint Shirt Activity and Picnic Lunch at the Park
1:00-3:45 Adventures at the Natural History Museum
3:45-4:00 Return to UNI, Wrap Up, Goodbye

Tuesday July 8th   
9:00-9:30 Meet Review Schedule
9:30-3:00 Picnic and Adventures at Cherry Hill Water Park
3:00-4:00 Return to UNI, Wrap Up, Goodbye

Wednesday July 9th
9:00-9:30 Meet Review Schedule
9:30-1:15 Picnic and Pet Rocks at the Park
1:15-3:30 Rio 2 at Sugarhouse Cinemark 10 
3:30-4:00 Return to UNI, Wrap Up, Goodbye

Thursday July 10th   
9:00-9:30 Meet Review Schedule
9:30-3:30 Millcreek Canyon Adventures!
3:30-4:00 Return to UNI, Wrap Up, Goodbye
*** We will provide s’mores stuff for this day.  Feel free to send your child with something for lunch that can be cooked in the fire or over the fire.  ***

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