Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer 2009

We are excited for camp this summer! It will be a great chance to meet new people and enjoy an active and fun summer!

In an effort to cover our costs, we will be charging everyone tuition this year. The cost for Campers (chidlren with an autism diagnosis) will be $212.50 per week with a two week minimum. The cost for our peer mentors will be $93.75 per week with a two week minimum. We hope you recognize this as an excellent value. As soon as we recieve your application, a bill will be sent directly to the address that you provide. Payment in full is expected by the first day of camp. Along with the added tuition, we will no longer be providing lunches. Participants will need to bring their own sack lunch each day. Snacks will still be provided.

We would love to know if you are interested in participating in camp this summer, so that we can plan on saving a space for you! If you are interested, please email or with your address and the age of your child and we will mail you an application. We will consider applications on a first come first serve basis. Also, please give us your input by listing activities you would like to do on the back side of your application.

The dates for the younger camp (agest 8-12) are June 15th through July 9th. The dates for the older camp (ages 13-17) are July 20th through August 13th. Camp is Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 4 pm. Please note the change in hours this year.

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  1. We really need this camp in Southern Utah as well. There are almost no resources in this part of the state.